St John’s College Darkroom



DU PhotoSoc are proud to announce that we’ll be running the St John’s College Darkroom for the 2018-19 Academic Year. Society members may purchase an additional Darkroom membership package from us, giving access to this Darkroom that is currently the only one amongst all Durham colleges.

Members will have the ability to develop their Black & White film in the Darkroom, and then use our digitiser to scan negatives in order to make a digital copy - physical printing facilities are coming soon!


How it works

Due to the logistics and hazards associated with Darkroom usage, the current workflow will be trialled until the end of the Academic Year:

  • Existing DU PhotoSoc Members (both Annual & Life) may purchase ‘Darkroom Membership’ here, for just £15 (until the trial ends)

  • Having purchased ‘Darkroom Membership’, interested parties must book an Induction with our Darkroom Officers here to familiarise themselves with the room

  • After completion of an Induction, you’ll then be required to supply your details and agree to our Terms & Conditions - this form can be found here

  • Once we’ve received and processed this form, you’ll then be able to access the Darkroom whenever you like (during term time) by collecting the key from the college Reception (campus card required). To ensure fair usage amongst members, access frequency and chemical usage will be monitored by our Darkroom Officers

As handling chemicals in the dark can be potentially hazardous, we suggest that only those with some previous experience of Darkroom’s and film-development use this space, because DU PhotoSoc nor St John’s College will be held accountable for any personal incidents or ruined film caused whilst using this space. Subsequently, to give everyone the opportunity to gain some basic experience before they step into this space, we are running multiple Introductory sessions this academic year, at the Durham 6th Form Centre and in St John’s itself, so we highly suggest that interested parties attend one of these sessions before buying ‘Darkroom Membership’.