Join the Team!

We’re looking for a Tour Manager and a Vice President! If you’re looking to work as part of a close-knit team running a variety of different events for like-minded photographers then we’d love to have you on board. For more information, read here for what last year’s role holders had to say. To express interest or learn more, please feel free to speak to us at one of our upcoming events or contact us!

President: Alex McNab

Hey guys! I’m Alex, a St John’s third year, and I’m the 2018-19 President. My primary role is to ensure that the society runs smoothly and that we can offer our members exciting events & opportunities. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of my Exec team, and I’d be lost without this great bunch! When I’m not running around with PhotoSoc related tasks, I’m supposed to be reading for my Geography degree [*insert colouring in joke here*].

My favourite things to shoot are normally theatre or sports based, as I love the challenge of trying to capture the spirit and emotion of a whole event in just 1/2000th of a second! Alongside photography, I do event tech work, so you’ll often find me up a ladder rigging lights for fashion shows or running audio cables for college events. I’m also a keen filmmaker, embracing the relationship between cinematography and photography, so I’ve spent lots of my time rigging GoPro’s to Land Rover’s and crashing drones into trees (RIP Mavic Pro).

Treasurer: Alex Elliott

Hi, I'm Alex; Treasurer of DU Photosoc - the man that takes your money away from you! My role is to maintain society funds and grants that keep the events flowing. I'm a St. John's fourth year reading Physics. I enjoy taking fairly bad pictures of pretty much anything! As a relative newbie to photography, the society has let me hone my skills on various daytrips which are brilliant (and very affordable...).

Outside of photography I enjoy playing the piano, cooking (but mainly eating) and boring my friends with useless trivia - did you know the colour temperature scale your camera uses to analyse colours was originally determined by Physicist Lord Kelvin?

Secretary: Jessica Wang

Hi! I’m Jessica, the secretary of DU PhotoSoc. I am a third-year undergraduate reading Mathematics. My main role is managing web & social media posts and also our mailing list. Apart from my degree, photography is my favourite thing to do. I do a wide range of photography, and some of them are put on my photography Facebook page. I particularly enjoy taking photos of animals, since they don’t hide away their raw emotions. I have only owned my first camera for a year, but DU PhotoSoc is definitely a place to go to if you are a keen photographer – it has allowed me to stretch my interest and abilities so much more than what I would achieve on my own!

Outside of maths and photography, I also love playing the piano and cooking (where I would take photos of the food afterwards…).

Events Officer: Nico Lethbridge

Hello! I’m Nico, the Events Manager this year. My job is to manage the events (which you may have guessed)! I’m a 2nd year history undergrad in Hild Bede and new to the exec so I’m very excited for the year ahead. I love music and sport which tends to occupy most of my free time but of course photography is also a passion so also takes up a fair chunk of a history student’s very tight schedule..!

I use a 35mm film camera most of the time and love playing about with different kinds of film and lenses etc. but I particularly love travelling and the challenge of capturing a place or a country in a few exposures- something I’m usually pretty rubbish at! Photojournalism and documentary photography are also fascinating to me and so if something’s going on I’ll often try and get down there camera in hand and see what i can do!

Publicity Officer: Naomi Young

Heya! I'm Naomi; your DU PhotoSoc Publicity Officer and 3rd year undergraduate at Josephine Butler College. My role here is to maintain a positive image of the society, and to make aware of the opportunities to engage with photography creatively with our events and network on our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, and our website. This is made possible through designing publicity material and managing our social media platforms.

With my Canon in hand, I tend towards photographing everyday lifestyle and travel such as BSc Geography trips and portraiture with friends on days out. I'm yet to stray far from my 35mm f/1.8 as a result, and I'm looking towards expanding my scope towards landscape photography especially given my degree. Asides from photography, you can usually find me in the Bill Bryson making an abundance of Spotify playlists when I should really be reading for my Geography degree (#oops).